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"I very much enjoyed the cruise and could not possibly find anything I would change. I thought it was very well organized and I would love to be a part of it again. Thank you for a wonderful time!"--Chuck Poloka, Pennsylvania

"I had a very positive experience where I learned so much from the lectures and met some unbelievable people. Every day exceeded my expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the seminars by working as a volunteer."--M.R.S.

"Thanks again for a wonderful Seminar At Sea - felt you had a good mix of presenters. I was impressed with how deep some of the workshops went, and loved having more than one session with some of these great teachers, with time between to integrate and assimilate what was taught. I loved having our meals together so there were opportunities to sit with the teachers and ask deeper questions and have some personal contact."--Evalena Rose, California

"When you ask me what I loved about the cruise, I will tell you, 'everything.' It was my experience to enjoy...I asked God to see dolphins, and a school of them showed up playing outside my balcony room. I asked God to see whales and whales showed up jumping into the air. I asked God for a beautiful sunset and I was in awe as I watched the sun sink in the horizon. With every blessing, my heart was filled with gratitude."--Tina Taylor, Illinois

"I am still on a big high from my wonderful experience on the Spirit of Alaska cruise. You sure created a space of love for magic to happen Susan, and it did on so very many levels. Thank you again."--Nancy Joy Hefron, Iowa

"This was my third cruise with you and each one has been better than the other; this one was awesome in every way. My most memorable experience was at the Fjord, especially when I was not expecting it at that moment. An analogy I can make was like coming from the dark suddenly into the light. Very impressive. My favorite speaker was Denise Linn. I felt her very wise and speaking from the heart and down to earth. The crew on the ship were good, kind and responsible. Everyone on the staff was willing and ready to help."--Grandmother Elizabeth Araujo, Guatemala

"The exceptional service, quality of our room, and the ease of getting food when hungry were great. The view was splendid, as were the excursion opportunities. All enjoyed this event!"--Barbara Tralle, California

"I loved the speakers and knowledge they shared. The attendees were great to get to know. Favorite speaker: Andrew Wakefield, followed closely by Nick Begich. Learned a whole lot from Jeffrey Smith and Sherri Tennpenny, too. Susan Shumsky, Len Horowitz and Sherri, and Laura Eisenhower were all great, too. Thank you so much for such a great conference!! What a wonderful experience. I hope I can carry that information to many here in the Seattle area."--K.S., Indiana

"My favorite speakers were Denise and Meadow Linn – the impetus for me to be on this cruise. I am a Denise Linn trained Advanced Soul Coach and have read and re-read and recommended to others most of Denise’s (autographed) books. She is my favorite - and most personally connecting - guru! Joey Korn – because I learned so much instantly usable information from him in such a short time José Ruiz – because he exudes all-embracing love and joy. And he loved my 'Be the Light' poems about to be published, because they exactly resonate with his spirit."--Ingrid Elisabet Swann, Maryland

"Great job by everyone involved, especially Adele!!! It was a monumental task pulling all the speakers, ceremonies, and excursions together, and keeping all participants happy and on track. Well done!"--Ingrid Elisabet Swann, Maryland

"It was the perfect venue for having non-stop workshops, easy access to dining, and also to our rooms. This was so much better than a hotel-based week-long workshop! Brilliant idea!!"--Julie Hart, California

"Every single crew person I interacted was wonderful. I can't say enough good things about the crew:) I was so grateful for the staff and volunteers. So great to have everything recorded and monitored and as a speaker they were so helpful to have on board during my sessions. I felt very supported.--Nancy Joy Hefron, Iowa

"I found the speakers/workshops to be most enlightening and the speakers well prepared with the subject matter. I was very impressed. Much of the subject matter of those speakers I have researched myself over the years, but to get it "straight from the horse's mouth" put new meaning into what I had listened to on the internet."--H.Y.

"Wow! What an amazing trip to Alaska and to make it a trip where you can access spiritual masters …THANK YOU!!!"--T.J.K.

"I enjoyed the cruise tremendously. Of major importance for me was being able to disconnect with the 'outside' world. Being in the middle of the ocean certainly helped. I think that this was a perfect way for me to re-connect with myself. This cruise surpassed all my expectations."--A.R.J.

"The panel of speakers was by far the best attribute of the trip. The speakers covered a wide array of topics... everything from Angel wings to the modern Nazi regime. It was all around enlightenment."--D.R.M., Wyoming

"My wife and I had Mayan astrological charts read by Elizabeth. It was very revealing and she was very present for us. I also had a private session with Lynn Andrews which was quite revealing and encouraging in formulating a needed direction for myself."--Robin Phelps, California

"Session with Mas was profound."--H.M.

"I first want to thank Susan Shumsky for putting this amazing event together. Thank you to all the speakers for sharing your insights, wisdom and love. Susan, you came into my dreams 2 nights before the cruise. You are a great teacher and very matter of fact...The meditations were and are powerful. Each one left me floating out of my chair...Your gifts and messages are so important to us all. Thank you for the love and light that you shine on this world...My experience was perfect...Just know, I love you guys."--Tina Taylor, Illinois

"The cruise was amazing, interesting, fun and knowledgeable. Nice work for giving all of us having such a wonderful time...Well, Susan, hats off to you and all you did to find everyone and put the cruise together."--Victoria Buchen, Arizona

"The cruise was heaven, absolute heaven. I love love loved and didn't want it to end. I never felt so much love. I will share it with my friends. Thank you, goddess Susan. I love you and Adele. Thank you forever for your kindness and understanding. Susan, you're a wonderful young beautiful woman, and I look forward to more future traveling fun. I loved all of the wonderful speakers, but my favorite is you Susan, Laura Eisenhower, Sherri Kane, Dr. Horowitz, Sean, and Nick. I love them all. I am happy to be your friend."--Karen R.H. Jackson, Maryland

"I loved it all. It was awesome!!! I would do again. Loved Dannion he's awesome! And Sean! I need laughter to lighten it up!"--Laura Cringan, Massachusetts

"My experience of the private sessions was profound and very healing where I gained a new sense of inner balance."--M.R.S.

Thank you so very very much for the opportunity to work with such great people. Not only were the speakers great, but so were the people I worked with. I'm still on a very different plane of existence from this cruise. I felt the crew was very good in the dining areas and stewards of our room. I would rate this cruise as one of the best experiences of my life. I enjoyed and learned from all the speakers. The ones I gained the most knowledge from were Susan, Meg, Lynn, Mallku, and Nancy Joy. What I found so exceptional was that all the speakers were so friendly and down to earth. They actually interacted with us and we could get to know them as people. I would highly recommend any Cruise that you organized. Everything seemed to go smoothly and felt I received much healing as well as knowledge. Thank you again for allowing me to participate in this event."--Carolyn Johnson, Oklahoma

"I can't imagine a better job being done by the staff. Peter Winchell's always-upbeat support to speakers was stellar."--Carol Hiltner, Washington

"I enjoyed the various speakers and the different areas that were covered. The speakers who had the experience that was most relatable to me, I enjoyed most. The ones who offered experiential exercises were by far my favorite. Dr. Susan Shumsky was number one!!! Due to the guided meditations and the personal experience they offered to me. I also really enjoyed Victoria of the Light because I had a personal connection with her."--Gerri Walker, Pennsylvania

"We really enjoyed the cruise and meeting the other presenters and being a part of everything. We would definitely do it again!"--J.V., California

"I enjoyed Dannion due to his personal story and sense of humor. I enjoyed Sean David Morton due to his experiential exercises, sense of humor, and secret government information. I found that intriguing. I enjoyed the insight that was provided into the Mayan people that was given by Elizabeth Araujo."--Gerri Walker, Pennsylvania

"Private session with Anodea Judith - She is really an amazing speaker and her private sessions are really powerful. I like that I had the 'roommate option' and I got paired up with someone who has become a true friend."--Kris H., Iowa

"Seminar staff was outstanding and really outdid themselves in every aspect !!! I cannot thank you enough Susan for putting this cruise together, a life-changing experience and I definitely will be back !!!!!!"--Baerbel Miller, Hawaii

"Just wanted to say thank you Susan for inviting me to be a part of the cruise and for all the work and hours that you put in, so everything would run smoothly. I really enjoyed being a part of the group. I was also very impressed with your lecture and so was everybody else that attended it. You are a brilliant speaker. I am looking forward to your next cruise."--Lai Ubberud, Texas

"We have had private sessions in the suite room and so many people come to take our sessions. It was touching our heart that a man suffered from migraine for over 30 years trying to overcome the pain for the treatment and at last his pain from migraine was gone and he seemed so happy. He was saying 'thank you" so many times and he said 'Shugido is like my family,' we were so moved what he said and became warmhearted. Another man with brace and cane was finally able to walk without them. A woman came by a wheelchair went back her room without wheelchair. They gave us greatest smiles. They were the unforgettable gifts for us. Some of them told us to come over to Japan and have a treatment in Tokyo. Susan and Adele and all staff and people who came to the private sessions, we appreciate to all the people for the opportunity to hold the demonstrations and private sessions in the ship."--K.W., Tokyo, Japan

"I love Dannion and Sean. They were both fabulous. Nicki's presentation was incredible. So was Susan's. And the ceremony/presentation that Marybeth did on the second last day was off the charts! I also loved the closing ceremony, with all the speakers. It was very high. I totally enjoyed the night vision experience and think that's a big plus. We could have promoted it a bit more at dinner every night. I don't know about his attendance, but I was shocked at how easy it was to get to the roof and 'play' in this way. A big plus, and cudos to you for bringing him. I thought that was really special."--Maureen St. Germain, New York

"My experience of the crew was very positive. Everyone had a great attitude and was so open to talk to. I loved working with all the staff and felt like there was an amazing group of volunteers."--M.R.S., Arizona

"The staff were fabulous and helpful. You have a good team."--Kris H., Iowa

"Most amazing experience was watching the ice calving from the glacier at the Fjord with some of the other Spirit of Alaska folks and all of us in a moment felt joy rather than sadness as we realized the glacier melts are a good thing as they are releasing ancient codes of light just waiting for perhaps thousands of years for this moment to activate the original earth frequencies as the glacier water traveled underground and above changing the world! Goose pumps. We knew this group was bringing a new understanding to our planet."--Nancy Joy Hefron, Iowa

"The crew was very pleasant and accomodating. The staff was very efficient and helpful."--Robin Phelps, California

"I enjoyed being Mayan. The people, ports and spirit of the trip were all incredible. Dannion was my favorite speaker. If you really listen to what he is saying, some of the most brilliant and cosmic material being said on the planet right now. He also adds a great sense of humor to otherwise humorless topics (like death). Sean David is like a water fountain of information. The angel wing thing was also great because it was interactive with the audience. The Jedis vs. Cyborgs thing is something I've been talking about for several years. Loved to hear it coming from Sean David now too! I really enjoyed Mark Becker's yoga. It was a nice change of pace to the classes and other scheduled activities. A great way to start the day! Meeting and connecting with people."--Sean Murphy, California

"Susan, Adele and other all staff's kind hospitality and the crew's harmony is especially wonderful in the ship. Chefs and waiters serving good food, people who came to our sessions, all people in the ship gave us memorable journey. We would like to thank all of them for the great journey."--K.W., Tokyo, Japan

"Thank you so much for inviting me to participate on the Cruise into 2012 conference. I met a lot of wonderful people and appreciated meeting you both. It was a powerful time for the planet and especially the oceans. Day by day the Light is increasing on Earth and we are all blessed to add to the Light of the world whenever we have the opportunity."--Patricia Cota-Robles, Arizona

"I wanted to thank you, Susan, for organizing this cruise. I think it gave the participants and the speakers new openings for the future, which was its purpose."--Carl Johan Calleman, Sweden

"We really appreciate your great help and sincere support for 'Spirit of Alaska.' Because of your great support we could be successful with our demonstrations as well as the private sessions very smoothly. We thank you for coming to the private sessions even they were late. We all appreciate all went well because of your great support and help. We look forward seeing you in the next year's cruise."--T.M., Tokyo, Japan

I feel that I got an enormous amount of information and knowledge from the program. My passion is helping people avoid the diseases and conditions that are killing them. Moreover, I am a psychologist who specializes in developmental disabilities, so the presentations met my needs beautifully. I loved the conference! I wish I could have received Continuing Education credits. But that is not a big deal! I was nourished and filled by the entire experience. Thank you and please tell Adele how great the travel arrangements were. I really appreciate all you both did. See you again soon!"--Dr. M.W., Texas

"Had the group healing with Mas.....wonderful ....and a mini session With Nancy Joy...wonderful and very helpful indeed !!!!"--Baerbel Miller, Hawaii

"Carl was my favorite speaker. When the Mayan calendar ended, I was a basket-case trying to figure out what was next. He explained the whole thing to us. I was magnetized. I was very impressed with Susan's offerings. My brother and sister-in-law were monks with Baba Muktananda for almost 20 years before they were married. They live in Yucca Valley now and are trying to set up a little ashram. I told them about Susan and her books that they are trying to explain things to their newer guests.""--Carolyn (Suzi) Webb, Missouri

"I enjoyed the sense of community and purpose. I enjoyed the informality and accessibility of most of the speakers. I enjoyed that some shore excursions were exclusively for our group."--Jim McPhie, California

"I did have an awesome experience. The quality and sheer numbers of speakers was amazing! And because it was so good, one didn't want to miss out...But I still loved it !!!!!! The most memorable was definitely Mas, I witnessed a miracle healing on my friend that blew my mind ! My favorites were Mas, Dr. Meg, Nancy Joy Hefron, Iowa, Elizabeth name just a few ! The love, wisdom and energy, that would fill the room was so uplifting !!!"--Baerbel Miller, Hawaii

"It was indeed extraordinary. It was an amazing trip. The most amazing experience was seeing the glaciers and fjords."--Carolyn (Suzi) Webb

"Las Caletas Hideway was wonderful and I felt that was the closest we ever resonated as a cosmic spiritual experience throughout the trip. I connected with people I had never imagined and there were some exchanges which were quite important. Since I work with Emoto, I was able to use water as a medium for carrying important messages and even though I was very discrete I had people connecting with me. I am sure that at some level, we were all pulling in the same direction. Many thanks to Carl Calleman for his dedication and perserverance and to you, Susan, for keeping it all together."--Beth Goodson, Switzerland

"I loved all the incredible speakers and the variety of information. I loved the Mayan ceremony and the food aboard ship. I was pleasantly surprised to find that speakers like R Hoagland, S Morton, and Wayne H. who I hadn't heard before were giving us access to such valuable information and were such wonderful speakers. What a treat! Every one of them was wonderful in their own area of expertise."--Tami Kukuczka, Michigan

"I loved Jeffrey Smith, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, and Dr. Tenpenny. They are the real reason I attended the cruise. I loved everything about the cruise! You and Adele did a fantastic job of organizing everything, and I think it went extremely smoothly. The travel arrangements, the speakers, the ship and Princess service were all extraordinary. I cannot wait to attend another cruise/ conference with you."--Dr. M.W., Texas

"My favorite speakers were Nancy Joy Hefron - I liked her as a person and loved her topic of emotions and how all emotions go back to love. She is one of my favorites. I wish she had more talks. I think she was only scheduled for one and then something during the excursions. Anodea Judith - she always gave great real life examples to make her points. I love the topic of chakras and she is a wealth of knowledge. Meg Blackburn Losey - she just emanates love and passion for this world. I had read one of her books before but bought 3 more. Denise Linn - She is so enthusiastic and giving. Great to be in the same room with her. Mas Sajady - Never heard of him before, but very interested in what he had to say. Linda Backman - I find her topic fascinating (life between lives regression and past life regression). I actually though all the speakers were amazing and would go hear any of them again."--Kris H., Iowa

"Overall, I loved just about everything about the cruise. If I had to choose a few memorable experiences they would be the sacred ceremony in Puerto Vallarta, Whale Watching in Cabo and seeing a UFO zoom across the sky while stargazing on the Helipad with Richard Hoagland. I sincerely hope you have more spiritual cruises in the future!"--C.J.M, Vancouver, Canada

"My favorite speakers were Dannion - gives confidence in spirit; Sean- information and funny; Susan - phenomenal meditations. My favorite event was the last speaker panel; funny, but to hear they were blessed as well as blessed us. My favorite shore excursion was Honduras - not so Americanized. The ship staff and services were phenomenal."--Kathy Brilliant, California

"I enjoyed Dr. Shumsky's meditations the most. This is the first time I can honestly say I learned what meditation is all about and how to be comfortable with myself during meditation. I intend to continue my meditations and reaching the spiritual goals I have set for myself."--R.T.W., New Mexico

"I had no private sessions but gave many. I loved them. My husband was in great physical pain on the cruise and received healing from Mas and the Japanese. Although he still had pain he was thrilled with both sessions and did feel better. I loved doing sessions in the beauitful room on the 13th floor."--Nancy Joy Hefron, Iowa

"What I enjoyed most about the cruise was everything! Great ship, great itinerary and wonderful people. My favorite speakers were Maureen, Tenwhitefeathers, Lai Ubbard, Susan, Dannion, Sean. I also really enjoyed Mark's yoga class. He is a great teacher! I really enjoyed the fire ceremony at Altun Ha. I also LOVED the Sting Ray and Dolphin swim."--Melissa Thomson, California

"My favorite presenter was Aeoliah. I went to all three of his sessions and thought they were very deep and meaningful. I thought that the staff on the cruise were just fantastic!!! My favorite port day was the last and the whale watching."--J.V., California

"I liked Susan's & Others unbelievable effort to make things go right when maybe the universe had another idea. I liked the pace, the starting time each day, the continuity, the people, the accessibility to the speakers plus an update at the end of each speaker on what or who was next and updates on changes if there were any."--Wonderful Wanda, Florida

"I found the Spirit of Alaska conference/cruise even more fulfilling than I had anticipated. Thanks so much for what you create—it is clear that you’re guided and you listen."--Linda R. Backman, EdD, Colorado

"I wanted to especially thank you for the work and time you gave for this event. I am aware of your extra efforts, and the trip went extremely well. It turned out to be very sacred and special. Many, many people were helped and grew in these energies."--Elizabeth Joyce, Pennsylvania

The whole experience was wonderful and memorable. My favorite speaker was Mas Sajady - Felt my energy moved for the better, even in that very short time. Mas Sajady and Master Tom were very very good healers."--D.B., Arkansas

"Every aspect was fabulous--the ship, the fellow passengers, the staff, the food, the seminars, the scenery--all of it! The introductory and closing gatherings of all speakers were particularly valuable. My most memorable experiences were seeing the glacier calve at Tracey Inlet, and the healing with Muramatsu's team. Muramatsu's crew improved the range of motion in my damaged shoulder more in one hour as my physical therapist did in five months. Amazing!"--Carol Hiltner, Washington

"My experience on the Spirit of Alaska cruise was amazing! I spent so much time doing things with the group that I was hardly aware of other activities aboard the ship. The most memorable experience I had on the cruise was when my wife and I partook in a new moon ceremony that the Japanese stone flute player invited us to at the top of deck 13 toward the front of the ship on Wednesday night. I felt very humbled and it was quite magical."--Robin Phelps, California

"I love cruising - the dinner arrangement was great. Nice to see everyone. All the set ups were good. Jeffrey Smith's strategy session was really good!"--Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

"In my opinion, the cruise lived up to the advanced billing. I found the 9th Wave Ceremony something to remember. The cruise was relaxing. I found the dolphinarium visit interesting because of the opportunity to meet a dolphin at close range with nothing between us (such as the hull of a boat). The beach horseback ride constituted the first opportunity for me to ride a horse since I was a teenager."--Tom Shaffer, Connecticut

"Heart warming. The scenery was magic. The glacier... jaw dropping. Don Jose and Mallku speaking, wow, such inspirational men. Most fascinating of course the Japanese master and the flutist, as was Mas. Intrigued! And last but not least: Meg Blackburn, Nancy Joy (O, what joy! really :) and Anodea were also fab women to talk (and listen) to, so were Shima and Lynn."--Melanie

"I especially loved the excursion to the petroglyphs, the love vibe from Dannion, and learning from Jeffrey that popcorn is non-GMO! My favorites: Andy Wakefield, Jeffrey Smith, Sherri Tenpenny, Winston Shrout, Nick Begich, Dannion Brinkley, and Laura Eisenhower, because I found these seven to be the most loving and/or informative (the brightest lights and most impressive servers)."--M.L.

"THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Susan, I really appreciate everything you did to make the trip a reality (both for me and everyone else). I feel so blessed and grateful just to be able to go on the cruise this year. May you all be blessed and see you on a future cruise! Thank you all so much!"--Sean Murphy, California

"Got a lot of information, met a lot of great people--left feeling really good!"--J.A.H, New Jersey

"A few of my favorite speakers that really resonated with me personally was Susan Shumsky and Mas Sajady, however I am sure there are plenty more that I was not able to see. Their lectures were not only highly informative but they incorporated healing practices during or at certain points that allowed me to have powerful energy shifts."--M.R.S.

"Your staff were exemplary in all ways. Susan, Adele, and the door monitors all were helpful, courteous, supportive, superb. Peter was a great help and always there when I needed him, as it seems he was with others."--Evalena Rose, California

"All in all I found the seminar informative, stimulating and thought provoking. I will be inspired to read many of the presenters...I found the seminar life-altering. The information presented here will be part of every decision I make in the future. Thank you for your offering of an enriching experience."--Addie R., Florida

"I would have to say that what I loved most about the cruise was meeting other like-minded individuals and sharing with them. My favorite speaker was Colin Tipping. I came to a new level of awareness and a different perspective on forgiveness."--Bob Morse, Florida

"Your staff were helpful. I appreciate the effort all of you made in order to meet people's needs. The cruise line staff were also helpful. Our cabin steward was wonderful."--Mel Sears, Washington

"Joey and I had a wonder-full time on the cruise! It was great to be a part of the conference, yet still have time to be on our own. Thank you for inviting Joey to participate. Waking up and traveling through the Tracy Arm Fjord was so special to us! My favorite speakers were Joey, and you, Susan, were very on point and knowledgeable on your topics. You presented at a manageable pace that was easy to understand. I also appreciated Denise Linn's passion and Lynn Andrews' real divine wisdom. Loved the train ride! Excellent service with very sincere and genuine people. Everyone aimed to please. Nice people. We just love cruises, but this was our favorite. We've always wanted to do an Alaskan Cruise, so this was perfect for us."--J.K.

"The Conspira-Sea Cruise was an amazing, enlightening event with some of the most awesome speakers I have ever witnessed. I think everyone benefitted, and we were all changed by what we learned. Thank you to our speakers and our attendees !!!! I love the people I met particularly the engaged attendees and the quality of the team. I loved Joshua and Dannion. The technical presenters were all great. I was totally impressed by all I saw."--Dr. Nick Begich

"I liked the fact that we were a microcosm. I thought all speakers were well prepared. I personally resonated with the theme of the cruise: Carl Calleman and those speakers who tried to present the idea of co-creation at this important date. The shore excursion was just magic. Victoria of Light was with us and through her capacities as a whale rider led whales which stayed with us for 8 miles--even the pilot of the boat was blown away by that experience."--Beth Goodson, Switzerland

The cruise was really inspiring. The speakers were top notch and the scenery was breathtaking. I really enjoyed seeing the spectacular Alaskan Coast and Fjord Region. Sean David Morton has always been one of my favorite lecturers. He has a wealth of knowledge and keeps interest high with his natural standup comedian delivery. Don Jose Ruiz was very inspiring. He went through various hardships before he was able to find his path. Anodea Judith was well prepared with her lecture on Chakras and was very thorough in her yoga class. Mas Sajady was incredible to watch. He has amazing abilities."--Sheila Knies, California

"It was wonderful in so many ways! So nice to meet and talk with other like-minded people, to hear some wonderful presenters and be charged up and excited by the music...Being able to walk right into the dining room without a reservation was a big bonus for the whole group, and it was exciting to get to know a few of the attendees and presenters at dinner as well."--Lily S., Oregon

"I liked best the speakers who offered experience as well as facts. I especially appreciated Nicki Scully's healing ceremonies as well as her readiness to step forward to help out as needed. Joey Korn with his divining rods and Ed Grimsley's night-vision goggles and UFO stories were fascinating."--Carol Hiltner

"Fantastic weather, beautiful room with the fantastic balcony, great food, met some interesting people, and saw some wonderful sights, the wonderful whales. Speakers: Susan Shumsky, so beautifully spiritually based, Dr. Jeffery Smith present such great information and explanation of the problems. Dr. Tenpenny explanations about the immunization re-enforced why I refuse to take anything."--H.G., Florida

"My favorite speakers were Elizabeth Araujo, Mallku, Don Juan Ruiz and Nancy Joy Hefrom because they were down to earth and really came from a heart centered place."--Robin Phelps, California

"I have you to thank for having so much time with these 2 masters on the ship: Mas and Master Tom. They are beyond powerful. I actually signed up for the cruise because I could be with Mas everyday. They were beyond amazing compared to anything else you offered. I think it is amazing that you booked them both so quickly, so I booked the next cruise because you booked them. I loved the cruise. I didn't expect to ever want to take the cruise and love it this much. I had many private sessions with both, and it was beyond magical to have the time with these two masters."--Marcia Kimpton, California

"I enjoyed the meeting of like minded people in a lovely relaxing situation. Victoria of Light was favourite followed closely by Dannion, then Harrison. The evening meals I enjoyed as it was a lovely way to meet the others. I loved the three excursions I took -Tulum, Altun Ha, and swimming with the Stingrays and Dolphins. They where all great in different ways can't pick best. I liked the food and service. Thanks so much for the opportunity, and all you did to make it a great experience."--Jessie Dickie, New Zealand

"I had a most unexpected and amazing personal shift on the cruise and met many folks from my star family. (A family reunion:) The energy we all created was quite palpable and I know very powerful downloads and grid work happened and so much clearing. I was amazed that my work was so well received and having to really come up with a workshop (I usually do trips private sessions and retreats) clarified a whole expanded direction in my work and my life. I was thrilled with the turnout and the response to my sharing."--Nancy Joy Hefron, Iowa

"The team of support people that were there all the time, EVERY one of them were sweet, comfortable, and easy to work with... Their genuine concern for our welfare was very evident. Who could ask for more? The taping team were MOST impressive. They are very hard workers. They were so flexible and 'on the job.' so many hours. I don't know how they kept up! Great prices for the videos."--Maureen St. Germain, New York

"I wanted to thank you so much for inviting me to work on the Conspira-Sea Cruise. I had such a great time! You had superior lecturers and I learned so much. It's such a contrast returning home having to cook meals and clean. That's when you realize how much you've been pampered while on board. Again....I am grateful to have been a part of your program."--Sheila Knies, California

"I enjoyed meeting the people, not having to cook, and the excursions off the ship. I enjoyed the dinners as you could talk to lots people. Meals were really great, the staff were very helpful, service of rooms was awesome."--Lesley Evans, New Zealand

"I liked everything about the cruise. My favorite speakers were Sean David, Carl Calleman, and Maureen St. Germain. My favorite event of the cruise was holding a stingray. My favorite shore excursion was Elizabeth Araujo's ceremony at Cozumel."--R.C., New York

"My favorite shore activity at port was whale watching, because we got up close and personal with the whales and each other. Loved our private boat and that you and Adele were with us."--Evalena Rose

"The whole idea of the Spiritual cruise and many of the people involved made it a memorable experience. I arrived on the cruise after a two week spiritual retreat, totally balanced in full love, light and power. The cruise was a beautiful finish to my month of Spiritual work and I learned so much. It was a time for making new friends, sharing ideas, understanding and generally having fun."--Julia Green, Florida

"Overall, I very much enjoyed the seminar at sea. Alaska was beautiful and magical and I enjoyed the panel of speakers. My most memorable experiences were a session, within a lecture, with Mas Sajady, and my sessions with the Japanese group. My favorite speakers were Peter, Mas, Nancy Joy- playfulness, energetic & depth."--Y.F., New Hampshire

"I liked the chance to connect with others. Going to the seminars made this possible and easy. I liked having friends to eat with and to hang out with in the ports."--Mel Sears, Washington

"Susan... I can't say enough about your effort from the beginning of your asking for the order to the follow with additional information, to the Teleconference, to Ship Data, and the situations you had on board with guests, speakers, and crew. You were marvelous!"--Wonderful Wanda, Florida

"I liked the Crop Circles. The speaker was pleasant and excited about the topic. I got gems from each presentation I attended."--Mel Sears, Washington

"What we loved most was meeting such a diverse group and sharing with the people in the workshops. We both found the cruise enriching and entertaining. To meet the speakers in real time and finding out they are just like us was such a blessing."--Peter and Margot Biro, Alberta, Canada

"My favorite speakers were Victoria of Light as she has high vibrational energy and it takes you to an amazing place. Dannion Brinkley as he was in his heart and felt like Love and Truth. Marybeth as she was coming from heart. Harrison was a genuine loving soul who also was coming from his heart. My favorite shore excursion was the trip to Altun Ha and the ceremony there, as it felt like I was connecting to other life times. It felt very special."--Lesley Evans, New Zealand

"Barry and Joyce Vissell's exercises helped me touch and bring healing to my core wound, and their support afterward was extraordinary and deeply compassionate. I loved Yogi Amrit Desai workshop, where I had a transcendent experience with the yoga and meditation on the first day at sea. Amazing man."--Evalena Rose, California

"The service people, staff and waiters were fabulous. They noted needs, and remembered us. They produced 'food requests' almost like a magician, very quickly and with grace and ease. The ship was beautiful. Great deco, interesting layout and well thought out. Food service seemed very efficient no matter where we ate. Impressive. Loved their food, service and accommodations. I thought our stateroom was laid out VERY well. We were both able to store our clothes and suitcases, have room to both of us work and be comfortable! It may have been bigger than my NYC bedroom!"--Maureen St. Germain, New York

"I thoroughly enjoyed the cruise and meeting lots of wonderful people. My favorite speaker was Denise Linn - love her work, meditations and journeys. Also Susan Shumsky's meditation journey which was amazingly powerful."--W.J.G.

"Barry and Joyce were our favourites along with Colin Tipping. They were very genuine and organic in their talks. We could relate to their messages."--Peter and Margot Biro, Alberta, Canada

"What I loved most about the cruise was being a part of the Seminar at Sea, time with the Vissell's, helping people grow, doing private sessions, and most especially the shore excursions." --Evalena Rose, California

"During Sean's meditation I felt the Holy Spirit gently rock me back and forth. However, it was in Susan Shumsky's guided meditation that I had a most magnificent experience. The Holy Spirit began rocking my body back and forth uncontrollably and I began to have vivid visions. It was very difficult for me to come back to the room. I wanted to stay in bliss forever. When I did finally manage to open my eyes, I continued to rock. I rocked for several hours afterwards-all during lunch and into the next presentation. I kept asking everyone if the boat was rocking and they said no. All I can say is, Susan has a direct line to the Divine!"--C.J.M., Vancouver, Canada

"Amazing! I was so impressed by the organization and great instructions so we knew what to do. I did came away from the cruise very informed and healed in many ways. I would have liked to attend ALL the speakers."--Kris H., Iowa

"Everyone including Susan and Adele, all staff was very kind. They asked us prior confirmation each time in advance, so we could demonstrate very smooth. They did other arrangements for us kindly."--K.W., Tokyo, Japan

"I would like to tell you thank you so much for a great "Spirit of Love Cruise." You are the best for all things what are you doing for all of us. I am so happy that I took this wonderful holistic vacation with all of you famous people. For me it was fantastic, because I got more information."--D. K., Ontario, Canada

Comments About Indigenous Ceremonies
and Other Shore Excursions

"Mendanhall Glacier was beautiful and ceremony there very meaningful. Tlingit Elders very nice. Fire Ceremony very magical and moving."--J.L., Vermont

"My experience of the 9th Wave Ceremony was almost indescribable. The moment I stepped off the boat, I started crying. Like I was home. Well, at least that's how it felt. The air was so pure. The sounds were so calming. I was definitely in a state of grace. During the ceremony the drum beats moved through me and I felt every word in my heart. I felt the air, the trees, the birds, the sun, the earth and...I felt one with all. After the ceremony was over, I was brought to tears again. This time, it felt like a letting go. It was a letting go of something so deep inside me that I can't even describe it. I just remember saying thank you over and over again. Then finally, that sense of responsibility was gone. I took the deepest breathe I have taken in awhile and just started laughing, uncontrollably. It was so cool."--Tina Taylor, Illinois

"I was so grateful to have this very uplifting, profound experience. It was so amazing that the Mayans came all the way across the country to make this happen there and then. Their honoring of Carl Calleman was one of the highlights for me...The snake dance was great for its sense of inclusion and community. Everyone was on another plane for some time afterwards. Really, I'm not sure I left there yet! We are all One."--Jim McPhie, California

"The cruise and the programs offered were awesome and inspirational. Visually, my most memorable experiences were the glaciers and the White Rail train ride. Spiritually, it was the ceremonies I witnessed, performed by Mallku, Grandmother Elizabeth Araujo, and the Tlingit Elders."--Ingrid Elisabet Swann, Maryland

"The ceremonies at Mendenhall Glacier and Skagway were quite touching, and the spontaneous interchange between Denise Linn and the Tglingit elder was an experience I will never forget."--Robin Phelps, California

"I loved the ceremony we were part of with Mallku at the Mendenhall Glacier, meeting the Tlingit Elders in Juneau, and especially the Fire Ceremony and the train ride in Skagway."--Ingrid Elisabet Swann, Maryland

"The glacier was wonderful. Susan's recommendation restaurant Tracy's King Crab Shack, Crab was really good too. White Pass Summit Yukon Railway was what we were expecting. As we expected before, that was really great views all around."--K.W., Tokyo, Japan

"I found the whole experience of the 9th Wave Mayan Ceremony moving, and a lot of work had been put in to the celebration to make us feel welcome and part of the ceremony. What they gave, they gave from the heart and their beliefs...Having listened to the talks on the Mayan calendar beforehand made it even more meaningful as I knew nothing at all about the Mayan calendar before this journey."--Julia Green, Florida

"I felt blessed that these indigenous people included us as their brothers and sisters after all the persecution they have suffered. I really feel the ceremony was profound and it brought me to tears of gratitude."--Tami Kukuczka, Michigan

"Mendenhall Glacer/Tlingit Elders. I loved that ceremony. I felt the love coming from them. I attended the fire ceremony (amazing)."--Kris H.

"The Fire ceremony was beautiful and authentic. I felt even more grounded to the elements of life through the sacred prayers Grandmother Elizabeth shared. It was a beautiful way to start the day."--M.R.S.

"The ceremonies as part of the shore excursions were very moving and meaningful. My most memorable experiences were the Mayan fire ceremony and the Tracy Arm Fjord Glacier."--C.J.P.

"My favorite events were the ceremonies, all of them, Nicki's, Elizabeth, and the very special ceremony that was done at Altun-ha were just spectacular. All of them were very very special. I especially appreciate the phenomenal logistics that you arranged for the ceremony with the Mayan Elders and Dannion. People don't realize how incredible they were. I think the choice of locations was SPECTACULAR!!! They were well prepared with the ceremony initiation circle and then the circle on the main lawn. Quite impressive. It is quite an undertaking. Congratulations on pulling that one off! You chose well."--Maureen St. Germain, New York

"It was exhilarating! One of the Mayan elders hugged me and I can still feel it!!!!"--M.A.J., New Jersey

"I loved spending time at the Mendenhall Glacier and enjoyed Maliku's ceremony. I appreciated the opportunity to experience the Tingit ceremony. The fire ceremony was moving and I love Elizabeth's energy. I enjoyed the scenery of the train ride. Loved the Whale watching trip and was fortunate to see Minke whales."--F.T.M.

"I had a personal experience in Belize at Al Tun Ha. That was my favorite because I connected with the spirit of the ancestors personally and came back a different person than when I started."--Gerri Walker, Pennsylvania

"My most memorable experience was the love and the amazing energy at the fire ceremony in Skagway with Grandmother Elizabeth."--Kris H., Iowa

"I wish I could have seen more of the speakers but I did take home some DVD's. I loved Peter Winchell's Sufi experience. It was very powerful and both Carl Calleman and Sean David Morton had wonderful insight and information. My favorite was Grandmother Elizabeth! Both her fire ceremony and and talk were so heart centered. She is a very special woman."--Nancy Joy Hefron, Iowa

"Mendenhall glacier was fabulous, and the Tlingit elders were touching. The fire ceremony was glorious. The whale watch on the catamaran was a good experience too."--Baerbel Miller, Hawaii

"My favorite activities were the hugs, dinners, and general sense of celebration among each other. If I had to say one event it would be the ceremony at Altun Ha. Going to a sacred site is a must on 'spiritual trips' like this."--Sean Murphy, California

"Absolutely and utterly amazing. I will bear this experience in my heart forever and will pass it on, whenever and wherever I can."--Helle Thuren, Denmark

"The Ceremony was magical! I especially enjoyed being on stage at the end and participating in the dancing. One of the Mayan elders gifted me with a sacred ceremonial rattle. I felt truly blessed and grateful for the experience. During and afterwards I felt very light, etheric and full of love :) Yes, the wave is upon us!"--C.J.M., Vancouver, Canada

"The Mayans were as if from another world, so pure in their intent and they performed the rituals. Even the children focused pure hearted and content on the mission of making their purpose known to the spirit world."--Connie Fisher, Washington

"This was the highpoint of the week. We walked up the hill and stopped to be cleansed with incense - and then went into the arena area. The ceremony was endearing and it was great to see Dr. Calleman honored for his writing. That brought tears of gratitude to my eyes."--Elizabeth Joyce, Pennsylvania

"Our Captain took us first to Lover's Beach and Los Arcos explaining each feature and some history. We got up close to the Seal colony near land's end. Then we took off in search of whales! Our Captain had a heads-up from another Captain that some whales had been spotted a few miles north in the Sea of Cortez. Shortly we came upon a group of small craft that were shadowing some whales. Just as we got close, a baby whale jumped completely out of the water. The baby was swimming along with its mother and rolling and slapping its tail. Because there were several small boats of various kinds watching we all kept a ways away from the whales so as not to sppok them. Just about the time that many of the other small boats turned back, the large catamaran with many of our fellows in Oneness showed up and although we had seen the papa whale some ways off, he came over and put himself between the large catamaran and mama and the baby. The whales picked up speed and for a while we had some difficulty staying near them. But, then the large catamaran left and papa let us get real close to himself and mama and baby. All this time Victoria had been "singing" to the whales and now the whales slowed down and we were right next to them. Papa went right under us, but he didn't come up until he was clear of us. It was a truly amazing excursion."--Jim McPhie, California

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