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Richard Dolan

Jan Harzan

J.J. and Desiree Hurtak

Travis Walton

Stanton T. Friedman

Clyde Lewis

Yvonne Smith

Kathleen Marden

Elizabeth Araujo

Michael Tellinger

Susan Shumsky

Jason Quitt

Ruben Uriarte

Lynne Ketei

Linda Backman

Miesha Johnston

Billy Carson

Dr. Bob Gross

Preston Dennett

Alan Steinfeld

Louis Turi

Terry Andersen

Drs. James and Desiree Hurtak

J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D. and Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D. are social scientists, futurists and founders of The Academy For Future Science. They were scientific consultants for Sidney Sheldon’s bestseller of an alien encounter entitled The Doomsday Conspiracy, working closely with Astronaut Gordon Cooper, and have been researchers in the field of UFO study for over 40 years. They are on the Board of Directors with FIONS (Friends of the Institute of Noetics) associated with their colleague, the late Astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Dr. J.J. Hurtak was a presenter at the first government-related disclosure on ET intelligence in Washington DC (1995), entitled When Cosmic Cultures Meet, with Dr. John Mack and Dr. C.B. “Scott” Jones, and was a presenter at the First World Congress on OVNIs in Acapulco Mexico with J. Allen Hynek. Dr. J.J. Hurtak is the author of thirty books in twenty languages, including The Keys of Enoch®. Drs. Hurtak have co-written numerous books including The Overself Awakening, The Pistis Sophia, and Mind Dynamics In Space and Time with physicist, Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher. Drs. Hurtak have also traveled throughout the world to investigate ancient cultures and work closely with indigenous people, including the Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa, which led to a recent award-winning documentary called Voice of Africa. They have also worked with the Xavante Indians (Brazil) and are respected archeologists who have worked in both Mexico and Egypt -- and were part of the team that uncovered the infamous Tomb of Osiris on the Giza Plateau.
Understanding Cosmic Intelligence Through The Keys of Enoch®

Come and experience through the cosmology of The Keys of Enoch® the importance of Earth’s history with ‘off-planetary’ cultures and their interactions with us, past, present and future. We will look at events showing the present interactions of humanity with advanced intelligence, while revealing the activation of portals within a world-wide ‘grid system’ of contact. The pyramids of Egypt and the pyramids of the Yucatan are just two of these portals. The area of the Gulf of Mexico, as seen in the Return of the Dove in The Keys, is another of these sacred grid areas, a point of contact, which home is in the region of the Tropic of Cancer, a demarcation line (23.5 deg N.) that is generally the farthest north transit of the sun overhead which the ancient peoples of Mexico understood and marked with sacred sites. In the Atlantic Ocean, this line passes through the Bermuda Triangle. In this talk, we will lay out a grid revealing key activation sites designed for a higher consciousness linkage to both extraterrestrial and Higher Dimensional beings. We will further examine the leading research in consciousness and quantum physics that will help us prepare for positive engagement with intelligent life in the universe. Most importantly, we will understand how our cosmic counterparts can help us realize that we are multi-dimensional beings with limitless potential.  Now is the time in our evolution to reach out to those who can guide our way back to our cosmic family. Our destiny as human beings is to reconnect the earthly realm to those of the stars.

Extraterrestrials and also Ultraterrestrials Are At Our Door

Learn more about Extraterrestrials, Ultraterrestrial and Extracelestial beings. We will explore various avenues into the many realities of life around us as we entertain the pros and cons and challenges of meeting and working with our cosmic counterparts. A deeper inquiry into the origins of cosmic visitors includes the possibilities of hybrid intelligences, and the existence of forces that could provide the codes to create a variety of life forms throughout the universe. 

Why are they visiting Earth and what is their agenda? Hear about the updates in extraterrestial sightings, including multiple vehicle appearances: who are they, what do they look like and, more importantly, why are they here and how best can we communicate with them? Is there a timing to their return? The planet is experiencing environmental changes and also a shift in consciousness, as all avenues of science are taking a quantum leap forward. An inquiry into the origins of cosmic cultures will have to include the possibilities of panspermia, the question of hybrid intelligence, and the existence of a creative consciousness force that could provide the codes to create a variety of life forms throughout the universe. A massive database of sightings suggests that many contactees talk about fifth dimensional beings who are here, awaiting a mature response if only we could open up a portal for dialogue. Are we ready to examine strategies for building a positive future with our cosmic brothers and sisters, both here and beyond?

Kathleen Marden

Renowned researcher and author, Kathleen Marden, has lectured nationally and internationally and is a frequent guest on radio shows. Her expert testimony has been heard on the History, Discovery, National Geographic, Destination America and Science channels. You may have seen her on  “Ancient Aliens.” She is MUFON’s National Director of Experiencer Research and on the board of directors of the Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters. 
Many know her as the niece of Betty and Barney Hill, whose close encounter and UFO abduction in 1961 stirred worldwide interest. She investigated the Hill’s controversial case, leaving no stone unturned, to separate fact from fiction. She went on to write three books, with nuclear physicist/scientific ufologist Stanton Friedman, "Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience," "Science was Wrong," and "Fact, Fiction, and Flying Saucers." She is also author of "The Alien Abduction Files," with Denise Stoner. Her chapter on communication with NHI appears in "Beyond UFOs: The Science of Contact with Non-Human Intelligence." Her fifth book will be released in 2019. Furthermore, she has recently completed a MUFON sponsored 3-year comprehensive study on experiencers with Dr. Don C. Donderi, an academic psychologist and statistician. 
You can purchase autographed copies of her books and read about her upcoming events at

Communication with Nonhuman Intelligence: What are the Implications for Humankind?

Kathleen presents several substantial evidence cases of physical and non-physical contact that she has personally investigated and researched. In each case, significant messages were imparted to each experiencer. Sometimes they varied in accordance with the type of entity that was encountered or the type of contact: physical or non-physical. She will examine the group's social structure, the validity of the messages imparted, the entity's behavioral characteristics, and the experiencer's belief system. She will also present evidence that suggests that the experience and messages were real and should be acknowledged. 

In part two of her presentation she will reveal the highly statistically significant finding on two major comprehensive studies on experiencers that she has worked on. They are the Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters' Experiencer Questionnaire with more than 4,000 experiencer participants from around the world and the Mutual UFO Network's study on 516 experiencers from around the world. Phase two of the MUFON study identified two categories of participants: contactees and abductees. MUFON's two groups were delineated by the American Personality Inventory, a psychometric scale that identifies "UFO Abduction Syndrome," a set of emotional characteristics and secret knowledge that sets abductees apart from the general population, experiencers in general, and contactees, who have enjoyed positive contact.  You will become aware of the most significant commonalities that experiencers share and the major messages that our highly evolved visitors have been attempting to impart to humankind since 1954.

The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience and Inter-Generational Contact

In "The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience and Inter-Generational Contact," internationally renowned UFO Researcher Kathleen Marden presents the true story of the Betty and Barney Hill UFO abduction.  A primary witness to the evidence of the UFO encounter and its fascinating aftermath, Kathleen (the Hills’ niece) has intimate knowledge of their biographical histories, personalities, and the historical data pertaining to their sensational story. The 1961 UFO abduction of Betty and Barney Hill stirred worldwide interest because it was the first reported case of alien abduction and because many of the scientists who investigated the evidence were convinced that it was a real event. 

Although skeptics have attempted to refute the Hills’ abduction claim, (mostly through the dissemination of false and misleading information), no one has successfully done so.

Kathleen continues to investigate the Hill's fascinating experience, leaving no stone un-turned, to discover additional verification pertaining to their amazing event. 

In her fascinating slide show, you’ll meet the late Betty and Barney Hill and the major players in the UFO investigation. You’ll view the Hill’s encounter route through New Hampshire’s White Mountains, learn about Kathleen’s comparative analysis of their statements during their separate hypnosis sessions with neuro-psychiatrist Dr. Benjamin Simon, and gain startling information that this was a real event. You’ll view photos of the evidence and the scientific reports, the UFO witnesses that night, and what the U.S. Air Force really knew about their case. Further, you’ll view forensic paintings of the extraterrestrial beings who reportedly abducted them.

Few are aware of the far-reaching impact this event had upon the Hills and their family. They had continuing contact events, as did other family members and witnessed the highly perplexing phenomena related to contact. You’ll learn of secret scientific interest, the hidden evidence that was not released to the public, and the Hill’s history of harassment by unknown intruders. Kathleen, their niece, will uncover their secret files.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Private Session

Kathleen is an experienced hypnotherapist and practitioner of Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. Set aside 4-5 hours for your session. Write to Kathleen for price and details.

Linda Backman

Dr. Linda Backman, psychologist and regression therapist, has been in private practice for 40 years. Dr. Backman guides individuals in soul regression hypnotherapy to access their past and between lives. In this way, she assists people to more fully recognize who they are as a soul throughout repetitive lifetimes, and during the time we are not incarnate, as well as in discovering their soul intention for this life.  
Linda’s focus includes guiding regression and soul-mentoring clients, as well as speaking, writing, presenting and training others in soul regression hypnotherapy. Dr. Backman teaches, conducts workshops in the US and abroad, and maintains an active regression practice. She is deeply focused on an evolving universal understanding and awareness of the path of soul development that leads to the acceptance of Oneness and Unity of all people and cultures of the world.

In 1997, Dr. Backman and her husband, Dr. Earl Backman, established The Ravenheart Center ( ), in Boulder, Colorado, dedicated to guiding individuals to discover their soul path.

Dr. Backman is the author of Bringing Your Soul to Light (Llewellyn, 2009), The Evolving Soul (Llewellyn, 2014), and Souls on Earth (Llewellyn, August 2018). (303-818-0575)

Interplanetary Souls: Past Lives and Life Purpose

Are you an Interplanetary Soul who comes from an evolved celestial location and has NOT incarnated primarily on Earth?

When Homo Sapien life began to evolve, souls from elsewhere in the Universe arrived on Earth.  These Interplanetary souls brought their expanded level of evolution from their soul’s home base.  Many of these souls have come and stayed, incarnating repetitively on Earth for tens of thousands of years and are referred to as Earth-Based souls.

In contrast, some Interplanetary souls embody infrequently on Earth.  Often there are hundreds or thousands of years in between Earth incarnation.  At this time, more Interplanetary souls exist on Earth than in recent times due to the great need for advanced soul wisdom.  As a rule, Interplanetary souls are highly evolved, yet are challenged to function in a human body and to cope with Earth’s lifestyle of inequities and unhealthiness.  
Why are you embodied now with purpose? What is your Interplanetary home like? How can you manage more easily with allergies, autoimmune disorders, insomnia, being “on the spectrum”, and the complicated energy of Earth?

Interplanetary souls are adults and children who need to be understood and not categorized.  Earth-Based souls must support Interplanetary souls; Interplanetary souls must inform Earth-Based souls.

Dr. Linda Backman, author of “Souls on Earth: Exploring Interplanetary Past Lives” will share her client regression material to help you understand whether you’re an IP or EB Soul; why your essential soul nature is needed on the planet now: and how you can embrace your wisdom as a soul to weather Earth existence.

Between Lives Soul Regression Private Session

Dr. Linda Backman will be conducting a limited number of 3 1/2 hour Between Lives Soul Regression sessions (also includes a past life regression) during the week-long cruise. These sessions are designed to provide the opportunity to learn about one's soul intention in this life; why you are in body at this time; are you to make changes in your life at this time, etc. The fee for this regression is $525.00, payable in advance when the session is scheduled. Contact:

Lynne D. Kitei, M.D.

Lynne D. Kitei, M.D., is an internationally acclaimed physician and health educator for over 40 years, who pushed aside her accomplished medical career to pursue answers for the silent, mile wide V, Delta and Boomerang shaped “objects” that were witnessed by over 10,000 people on March 13, 1997 and that she photographed up close and personal prior to, during and after what is now hailed as the most witnessed, most documented and most important mass anomalous sightings in Modern History. 

Dr. Lynne was leading the cutting edge era of early disease detection and prevention as Chief Clinical Consultant of the Imaging-Prevention-Wellness Center at the world renowned Arizona Heart Institute in Phoenix, Arizona until coming forward in 2004, after seven years of anonymity and intense research, as a key witness to the still unexplained mass UFO events throughout Arizona, called the “Phoenix Lights”.

Besides appearing on hundreds of national and international TV & Radio Programs, including Coast to Coast AM, the History, Science, Travel, Discovery and National Geographic Channels, Dr. Lynne has recently released the 20th anniversary editions of her bestselling Phoenix Lights: A Skeptic's Discovery That We Are Not Alone Book, the internationally award winning Phoenix Lights: Beyond Top Secret Documentary, and the groundbreaking Phoenix Lights, UFOs & Crop Circle Graphic Novel/Activities Coloring Book, which are available at For more information, please visit the PHOENIX LIGHTS NETWORK at,

Beyond the Phoenix Lights

The 1997 AZ statewide mass UFO sightings, known worldwide as the “Phoenix Lights”, have been hailed as the most witnessed, most documented and most important anomalous aerial events in Modern History. Not only was there a parade of silent mile to eight mile wide V formations of orbs and ten different craft, witnessed by over 10,000 at low altitude for over a dozen hours throughout Arizona, CA, New Mexico and Nevada, but in this comprehensive Presentation by up close and personal key witness Dr. Lynne D. Kitei, you will learn the riveting real-time and long-term effect of these Unexplained Phenomena (what Dr. Kitei calls UPs) on the Phoenix Lights witnesses themselves. 

After pushing her accomplished Medical career aside for the past two decades while meticulously studying the topic, as a scientist, physician and first-hand experiencer, Dr. Kitei will share her authenticated photographs, which to this day cannot be explained or denied, and go one step further by delving into the intriguing “coincidences” and profound impact that these anomalous phenomena are having on our consciousness and evolution.

As Dr. Kitei confirms, “It is time we get this topic out in the open – address it, accept it and study it – so we can find out who is driving these things, as well as move forward in our own evolution”.

Lynne D. Kitei, M.D., is an internationally acclaimed physician and health educator for over 40 years, who has dedicated the past 21 years in pursuit of answers to the anomalous aerial phenomena she has witnessed and photographed for decades.

Miesha Johnston

Miesha Johnston is an author of 3 books. Miesha is a Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in ET Experiencer Regressions, Past Life Regression, and Trauma Recovery Hypnosis. She offers Galactic Multi-Dimensional Sessions. She is a Trance channel who speaks many Galactic Light Languages & she facilitates many Experiencer groups. She has been on many Radio shows 1999. and has been on European, Canadian and Russian TV. 

In 1991, she founded the STAR FAMILY CONTACTEE GROUPS. She started the first teen and children’s groups in the United States in 1991 She was director of U.F.O.C.C.I. She was a working group member of Steven Greer’s C.S.E.T.I. In Las Vegas, Nevada. 

She facilitates two groups monthly in Las Vegas: Starseed Experiencer Group and Starseed Awakening and Psychic Awareness. She also facilitates 2 groups a week on virtual internet Zoom: Starseed Experiencer Support Groups. She is Director of the UFO Group of Las Vegas

She is owner-operator of Vector 5 UFO Tours of Las Vegas and has been leading tours in Las Vegas,  Hawaii and California for 3 years, with military grade Gen 3-night vision goggles and high-powered lazars. She has a weekly radio show Saturdays on KCOR Digital Radio. 

For more information about Miesha, visit her website,  702-544-0000

Intensive Presentation: ET Experiences, Milabs, MK-Ultra, Monarch – You CAN Handle the Truth!

She will be talking about childhood experiences and the 8 types of ET & hybrids, she had experiences with through her life.  She will talk about her missing time experiences, which two were for 8 months each.  She will share her adult experiences and her mission.  She will give an in-depth look at her experiences with MILAB, Mk-Ultra, Project Talent, Monarch and Theta Programming. How Hypnosis, drugs and psycho-surgery; separately and combined, were the tools and an ultimate truth serum on the one hand and the capability to create an agent who could not have her mission tortured out of her, or even be aware that she was caring secret information given to her in an altered state of consciousness.  She will also show how they are Targeting the public with mind control weaponry or what the call Non-lethal weapons.

Are You an Abductee, Milab, Mk-Ultra, Mind Control, Targeted Individual, Super-Soldier or Secret Space Program Draftee?

If you would really like to find out what kind of and Experiencer you are? Find out what your Planet of Origin is? This is the workshop for you?  This will be an Experiential Workshop.  The audience will participate in the process.  You will be part of the entire workshop. You will all receive lists.  I will ask questions of the audience from the list. You will be engaged, interacting and learning about yourself and others around you. Miesha, is a certified Hypnotherapist and has been facilitating all types of Experiencer Groups for 20 years. When you leave this workshop you will know so much more about your life and experiences.

Private Sessions:

1. Hypnotherapist specializing in ET Experiencer Regressions, Past Life Regression and Trauma Recovery Hypnosis: This is a combination of Hypnosis and shamanistic, multi-dimensional and Introspective hypnotherapy techniques including Past Life Regression and connecting with the Divine and the Higher Self for the answers you seek.  This technique emphasizes the powerful act of forgiveness with ourselves and with others and how they can affect your well being.  I have you write 10 questions that I will be asking during the session. Sessions are 2 hours long and are $199. I also offer multiple session packages at reduced pricing.

2. Multidimensional Galactic Light Language Activation Sessions & Galactic Planet and family of origin chart readings. Sessions are 30 min to 2 hours long and are $99 per hr: You will connect with your Galactic Family. I will channel the Galactic light language from your Galactic family. In your session, you will be opened up to talk to your galactic family, ask questions and receive a message from your family through the channel. You will receive messages of love and tell you about your Mission.

3. Galactic Experiencer card readings. In your session,  I will be doing readings from my Galactic Experiencer cards that I authored through my channel.  You will receive information about your ET experiences. You will learn about your specific missions and past and present experience. You will also find out how your Galactic family is connecting with you through your higher self in the aspects of science, physics, music, art, writing, teaching healing and inventions.  Sessions are  30 min to 2 hours long and are $99 per hr.

Terry Andersen

1986 a sudden violent Near Death Experience by 2 armed men-in-black caused an out-of-body experience, with 3 beings outside time & space in an ancient site on special chairs, where a past & future life review was telepathically downloaded to me. My 3rd eye was opened (traumatic), I saw multiple screens of people I'd meet, personal & world events, genetic engineering of the human race, advanced computer chip design & anti-gravity technologies & traveled at the speed of thought. When I returned to body, I felt like I came from another place as a completely different person in a body I didn't recognize with "a mission" & remarkable abilities to see into people's lives & bodies, sense illness, past & future accidents, injuries, time of death, business & political dynamics, babies health pre-birth & communicate with departed souls. I sought extensive training to hone & apply these new abilities, which I use to help others. If you seek accurate insight beyond traditional models for you, or anyone (present or not) I invite you to discover my website & book a consultation for yourself or someone you care about at:

Trauma & the Evolution of Consciousness

NDE's often launch people into inter-dimensional realms through an evolution of consciousness & abilities. 

Extreme traumatic injuries from a sudden violent Near Death Experience led to my evolutionary change in consciousness with a change in abilities that required years of training to understand & hone, which I use to help others. Doctors call me a "Healer". 

During Medium Readings I experience departed souls & living persons heal. 

This inter-dimensional frequency work is part of a mission that I agreed to during my out-of-body experience with other beings. Years of research & training helped me adapt & understand this spiritual emergence & amazing transformation. My abilities continue to evolve as does the responsibility to demonstrate sensitivity & compassion to those who want a consultation. 

The Egyptian & Tibetan Book of the Dead describe how they select individuals & put them into near death situations to create "seers" for their people. 

During this Presentation I'll provide a demonstration of Medical Intuition, Psychic Medium-ship & Controlled Remote Viewing to help the audience understand human's capacity to experience for themselves, the non-local aspect of their consciousness with short demonstrations for everyone to participate in.

Private Sittings or Group Readings

Available by appointment. Prep-Sheet with instructions provided to each person to be hand signed, with email address & payment prior to Reading. People can record sessions on their device. I provide detailed notes of each person's Reading, then email them "Additional Resources" after the Reading for ongoing support & insight (value $100).

Dr. Bob Wenzel Gross

Dr. Bob Wenzel Gross received a Doctor of Education Degree from Penn State University in 1984.  Bob’s flawless approach to research was a direct result of Penn State awarding his dissertation an excellent rating.  Dr. Gross is a researcher, scientist, writer, presenter, and educator who began his career as a professional musician.

By nature, Bob is an artist who works with music as his medium of choice. However, out of necessity, he is a scientist and aggressive researcher. He has more than 25 years’ experience teaching on all levels of instruction. Also, Bob worked for more than 17 years as an educational administrator, troubleshooter, and turnaround specialist.

Gross’s curiosity about the UFO Phenomenon reached a peak in 1985 when he served as a field investigator for a nonprofit scientific research organization known as the Pennsylvania Association for the Study of the Unexplained (PASU).  Since then, Dr. Gross has served as a member of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and the Scientific Coalition for Ufology (SCU).  Bob has appeared as a guest on several television and radio programs discussing the UFO Phenomenon. Since 2013, Dr. Gross has been conducting an independent research project that studies UFO encounters, brain growth, and intelligence.

Toward a Deeper Understanding of the UFO Phenomenon

Most Americans believe that aliens exist.  Dr. Bob Wenzel Gross believes that extraterrestrial intelligent life exists somewhere in the Universe.  Dr. Gross is a hopeful believer who is willing to accept disproof in individual cases, while holding on to a firm belief in the overall Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) Phenomenon.

Dr. Gross has encountered several UFOs during his lifetime and finds such interactions to be rare, yet extraordinary, occurrences.  His presentation will define the UFO Phenomenon and describe how people who believe in UFOs often have the uncanny ability to solve problems and create products that are generated by the concept that other forms of intelligent life do exist somewhere in the Universe.  In addition, Gross will show that diligently studying UFOs may prompt an increase of neurons in the brain and rewire its sections.  Thus, quality UFO interactions may stimulate brain connections that make new knowledge available for solving all sorts of challenges.

Gross will explain that a combination of linear analytical thinking and creative insight is required to appreciate the complexity of UFOs.  Scientifically analyzing and evaluating regular repeating pattern components embedded in UFO-related events should be an important task for UFO researchers.   Common pattern elements discovered in two top UFO cases will be examined.

This PowerPoint presentation concludes by proposing that the study of UFOs ought to be a branch of knowledge taught and researched as part of higher education.  By the presentation’s end, attendees will understand that UFOs must be a disciplined field of study taught, planned, and researched in a university setting.  Studying UFOs requires using curiosity as a catalyst for employing a methodical approach for accumulating knowledge, skills, and attitudes about airborne anomalies.  UFO research must incorporate a scientific process that becomes less wrong over time.

Susan Shumsky

Susan Shumsky has dedicated her life to helping people take command of their lives in highly effective, powerful, positive ways. She is the author of 15 books, published by Simon & Schuster, Random House, New Page, and Skyhorse Publishing. A pioneer in the human potential field, she has spent more than 50 years teaching thousands of people meditation, prayer, affirmation, and intuition. Her books have been published in several languages worldwide, and several were #1 best sellers. They include: Divine Revelation, Miracle Prayer, How to Hear the Voice of God, Ascension, Exploring Meditation, Exploring Auras, Exploring Chakras, Instant Healing, The Power of Auras, The Power of Chakras, Awaken Your Third Eye, Awaken Your Divine Intuition, Color Your Chakras, Big Book of Chakras, and Maharishi & Me.

Susan is a highly respected spiritual teacher, award-winning author, and founder of Divine Revelation®—a unique field-proven technology for contacting the divine presence, hearing and testing the inner voice, and receiving clear divine guidance. For 22 years, her mentor was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, guru of the Beatles and of Deepak Chopra. She served on Maharishi's personal staff for 6 years.

A sought-after media guest and highly acclaimed professional speaker, Shumsky has done over 650 speaking engagements and over 1000 media appearances since her first book was published, including Woman's World, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Los Angeles Times, Sunday Express of London, Washington Post, nationally syndicated and network TV, Alan Colmes on FOX news, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, and William Shatner's Weird or What? She is featured in the movies Three Magic Words and The Illumined Ones.

Direct Contact with Extra-Dimensional Beings

Through the window of your eyes, you can view the ever-changing landscape of your beauteous, miraculous world. This magnificent universe is perceived with your five senses: seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and feeling. But there is a sixth sense. With this sixth, higher sense perception, you can open the gateway to subtler realms of existence. You can develop an inner eye and view an invisible world, consisting of multiple dimensions, spiritual planes filled with light, alternate realities of indescribable wonders, and radiant beings of light.

This eye of wisdom, knowledge, illumination, and intuition is aptly named "The Third Eye." In India this third eye is known as the ajna chakra, a subtle energy plexus in the middle of your brain, seated in the pineal gland. Through this portal of higher vision, you can see what is not evident by solely using your physical eyes.

In this powerful, guided meditative workshop, Susan Shumsky will help you open your third eye and lead you into a direct experience of contact with beings from other dimensions.

With Susan Shumsky's profound, practical, transformational, proven methods, you will learn how to open your heart, mind, and spirit to the riches of higher-dimensional contact. You can open the pipeline to spiritual contact and begin the flow of inner guidance, love, healing, wisdom, and inspiration. You can awaken the “still small voice” within, go direct to Spirit without a middleman, and experience higher consciousness.

During this workshop, you will learn:

* How to tap into your in-house counselor: your inner guidance and inner genius.

* How to receive unique signals that identify specific aspects of inner divinity.

* How to awaken your clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient gifts.

* How to heal ego blockages that have prevented clear intuition.

* How to experience the divine presence and receive clear intuition anytime you want, at will.