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**Mas Sajady will be conducting Talks and Medihealing on the Cruise.
Also, Mas will attend the shore excursions and will lead meditations
both on the ship and at ports.

"Pristine Journey Into the Blue"
January 20 to 30, 2024


Dear Friends,

We are coming to an end of time - meaning that the script that was written for you is coming to an end... and how the rest of your script will continue is now up to you to choose.

I have said that the time is running out as the purity wave is approaching shore... a lot of people are not going to make the crossover beyond the other side of time. Time is an illusion and 6000 years can pass in a second. I have taken people through the purity wave before where they have transformed a few hundred years in minutes. Those who made it through are those who are willing to accept the extraordinary and the inconceivable... and those who failed to cross beyond are those who are caught in drudgery and trapped in time.

I'm inviting you to abandon the encapsulation you have created and recreated for the past 6000 years which contains the sorrow and devastation of our combined human existence... and to see what you can create for yourselves which is beyond anything you can possibly imagine.

Please join me for a pristine journey into the I take your heart and soul to the edge of an ocean of infinite possibilities... to help you determine what will be written into the script of your next chapter in time.

Be Limitless,
Mas Sajady

French Polynesian Islands


with Mas Sajady
January 20 to 30, 2024





Sat. Jan. 20, 2024 Papeete Embark
2:00 pm

Dock overnight
5:00 am

Sun. Jan. 21, 2024 Moorea 8:00 am 4:00 pm
Mon. Jan. 22, 2024 Fakarava 10:00 am 6:00 pm
Tues. Jan. 23, 2024 At Sea    
Wed. Jan. 24, 2024 Nuku Hiva 8:00 am 5:00 pm
Thur. Jan. 25, 2024 At Sea    
Fri. Jan. 26, 2024 Rangiroa 8:00 am 5:00 pm
Sat. Jan. 27, 2024 Bora Bora 1:00 pm Overnight
Sun. Jan. 28, 2024 Bora Bora Overnight 7:00 pm
Mon. Jan. 29, 2024 Raiatea 8:00 am 6:00 pm
Tues. Jan. 30, 2024 Papeete 8:00 am  

Mas Sajady will conduct Talks
and Medihealing on the Cruise.
Also, Mas will attend the shore excursions and will lead meditations both on the ship and at ports.

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A portion of proceeds from this event
is donated to local food banks by Divine Travels

"Going Within, Be Here Now"

2-Day Seminar at Sea
Mas Sajady

January 23 and 25, 2024, While at Sea

There is a paradox: Time is shrinking but at the same time, you can create more in less time. Your ability for self-actualization is amplifying... so is your ability for self-destruction.

Everything you have done and learnt through all lifetimes will be demonstrated by how you respond to what comes your way right here and now. All the power you amassed has placed you in situations in which how you use or give away your power will distinguish between the child and the adult.

Most people don't know that they have any power or another way to live. They do what they are told – Thou shalt and thou shalt not. They carry so much baggage around with them that it is highly unlikely for them to ever experience anything truly meaningful.

Look at where you are now and that's where you go within to find out where you come from. Through a process of deep inner searching, find ways to let go of all the unnecessary trappings that burdened your vital force. 

Please join Mas for a pristine journey into the blue — ten days of immersion teaching and frequency meditations on the gorgeous Tahiti Cruise, as he shows you how to lighten the load and bring forth what really matters from deep within where your immense power lies dormant. In the time you have allocated, you can amass an incredible amount of power if you so wish... simply by going within, be here now.


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Welcome to paradise! This far corner of the world has a mindset all its own – and it’s free of watches, routine and worries. Instead, blue lagoons, coral atolls, ukulele rhythms and lingering sunsets will fill the days of your Tahiti cruise. Whether you’re dreaming of magnificent Tahiti, romantic, lush Bora Bora, or possible ancient extraterrestrial life on Nuku Hiva, our South Pacific cruise brings you the chance to discover some of the most remote and gorgeous islands in the world. Come and join us!

Discover your own island inspiration in the destination that enchanted painter Paul Gauguin, author James A. Michener, and countless others. In 10 wonderful days, you'll explore the best of the South Pacific, with port stops in mystical Tahiti, postcard-perfect Moorea, the "Island of Dreams" Fakarava, other-worldly, mysterious Nuku Hiva, wildlife paradise Rangiroa, romantic Bora Bora, and sacred "faraway heaven" Raitea, original homeland of the ancient Polynesians. Once you've made these islands your home—even if just for 10 days—they'll always be calling for you to return.


From motu picnics and lagoon catamaran sailings to black pearl farm tours and safari adventures, our South Pacific shore excursions bring you the best of the local culture, natural beauty and cuisine. Extended evening stays and overnights give you the chance to more fully embrace the iconic wonders and island life with explorations ashore and leisurely, meaningful touring.

Or phone Adele: 760-230-5624


Relax, revive and rejuvenate on the decks of the Oceania Nautica. This elegant 684-capacity ship will take you to ports far and wide, as her small size means she can get into smaller more exclusive destinations. While onboard you’ll enjoy lying out on the sun deck where you can lounge on a Balinese day bed while a valet waits on you hand and foot and you can enjoy a massage, iced towels and afternoon tea. Delight in a flavorful dinner served on fine china at the Nautica’s Grand Dining Room and then sample select wines as you converse with the ship’s head sommelier. Our acclaimed Nautica has undergone a multimillion-dollar transformation in 2022 to create a virtually new ship that is both sleek and elegantly charming. Her decks are resplendent in the finest teak, custom stone and tile work, and her lounges, suites and staterooms boast luxurious, neo-classical furnishings.

Nautica offers every luxury you may expect on board one of our stylish ships. She features four unique, open-seating restaurants, a world-class fitness center and spa, eight lounges and bars, a casino and 342 lavish suites and luxurious staterooms, nearly 70% of which feature private verandas. With just 684 lucky guests to pamper, our 400 professionally trained European staff ensure you will wait for nothing.

This intimate ship features elegant staterooms, rich fabrics, soft lighting, and museum-quality art. The Grand Dining Room offers superb Continental cuisine, Toscana serves authentic Tuscan fare, Polo Grill is the consummate classic steakhouse, while Terrace Cafe and Waves Grill offer exceptional dining in a more casual atmosphere. Enjoy the Aquamar Spa & Vitality Center, gorgeous pool area with pool and two whirlpools. Take in a live classical concert under the stars, or dance the night away at Horizons lounge.

Or phone Adele: 760-230-5624


• Free specialty coffees, teas, juices (including a vegan juice bar) soda, bottled water–everything except alcohol.

• A special vegan and wellness dining menu, in addition to their regular menu options.

• Free gratuities ($160-$230 per person value) for stewards, dining, and bar staff.

• Free port charges, taxes, and basic WiFi.

• $300 per person On Board Credit to cover alcoholic beverages, spa, merchandise, etc.

• Talks and Medihealing with Mas.


When you travel onboard The Nautica, you'll enjoy:

- Spacious interior, oceanview, balcony, or suite accommodations.

- Intimate sailing experience—only 684 guests and 400 crew.

- All shipboard meals, in your choice of venues, including specialty restaurants, and complimentary room service.

- All shipboard entertainment, including Oceania's troupe of Polynesian performers, live music in the evenings, Le Casino, and La Palette lounge and disco.

- Presentations by onboard experts and guest hosts.

- Luxurious onboard fitness center and pool with poolside bar.


Or phone Adele: 760-230-5624