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Port of Seattle


Smith Cove Cruise Terminal 91
2001 West Garfield Street
Seattle, WA 98199

Make sure the ship is "Ovation of the Seas" before you give your luggage to the porters, who will be waiting at the curb. If you don't see a map here, please use a Chrome or Firefox browser.



Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) is about 17 miles south of the Cruise Port. The trip is 35 to 40 minutes, depending on traffic. You may contact Diane at Luxury Travel Destinations Travel: 336-749-1219, and arrange for transfer to and from the airport. Royal Caribbean Transfers between airport and Cruise Port on Sept. 6 and Sept. 13, are $34 per person each way, as of this publication. These should be purchased at least 2 weeks in advance of the sailing.

Quite a few airport shuttles offer service from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) to both Pier 66 and Pier 91. This includes Shuttle Express, which has shuttle service from the airport to Pier 91 for $36.86, as of this publication. From select downtown hotels to Pier 91, the rate is $20.10.

Ride-Share services like Uber or Lyft are approximately $35 to $40, as of this publication. This will be less expensive than a taxi, and if you wish to pick up any last-minute items, you can ask your driver to make stops on the way.

A taxi is a convenient way to get straight from the airport or downtown to the cruise terminals without having to stop and pick up other passengers along the way. A metered taxi, such as Yellow Cab of Seattle (seattleyellowcab.com), from the airport to Pier 91, will cost roughly between $40 and $60 for one couple, as of this publication.

Another option is to take a private taxi and car service, such as Flat Rate For Hire (flatrateforhire.com), a local Seattle service that offers a flat rate with no additional charges anywhere in Seattle based on zipcode. Rates vary based on gas and other factors, but run approximately $48 for transfer from the airport to Pier 91, as of this publication.


From I-5 South:

Head north on I-5 and follow signs to the Mercer Street Exit
Take exit 167 (left-side off-ramp) to Mercer Street
Take a right turn on to Fairview Avenue North (400 feet)
Take a left turn on Valley Street (0.18 miles)
Valley Street bends to the left and becomes Broad Street (0.75 miles)
Turn right to Denny Way (0.32 miles)
Bend right to Western Avenue (0.22 miles)
Western joins Elliott Avenue West (1.18 miles)
Follow signs to Magnolia Bridge
Turn right at 14th Ave West (signal light intersection) (0.14 miles)
Stay to the right and follow ramp joining the Magnolia Bridge (West Garfield Street) (0.35 miles)
Exit right. Follow signs to Smith Cove Park (0.55 miles) and Cruise Terminal
Turn right at bottom of ramp and follow signs for cruise terminal parking or cruise terminal

From I-5 North:

Head south on I-5 and follow the signs to the Mercer Street Exit
Take exit 167 to Mercer Street (right-hand off-ramp)
Take a right turn on to Fairview Avenue North ( 400 feet)
Take a left turn on Valley Street (0.18 miles)
Valley Street bends to the left and becomes Broad Street (0.75 miles)
Turn right to Denny Way (0.32 miles)
Bend right to Western Avenue (0.22 miles)
Western joins Elliott Avenue West (1.18 miles)
Follow signs to Magnolia Bridge
Turn right at 14th Ave West (signal light intersection) (0.14 miles)
Stay to the right and follow ramp joining the Magnolia Bridge (West Garfield Street) (0.35 miles)
Exit right. Follow signs to "Smith Cove Park" (0.55 miles) and Cruise Terminal
Turn right at bottom of ramp and follow signs for cruise terminal parking or cruise terminal


Parking is available via a remote lot at the terminal, which is served by shuttle bus. Space for luggage is available on the Shuttle. Reservations for parking are recommended. For reservations, parking fee information, and parking lot maps, please log onto the Republic Parking website or call (206) 783-4144, ext. 1113.

Some hotels that offer cruise packages include complimentary parking as part of a package.


Complete your Online Check-In (on the Internet at www.royalcaribbean.com, or at the Royal Caribbean App on your smart phone) no later than 3 days prior to the cruise. By checking in online, you will expedite your boarding process and will be able to start enjoying your cruise vacation much faster.

When you get to the cruise port, you will check in for your sailing. If you have completed your online Check-in in advance on the Royal Caribbean website, and if you have already printed out your SetSail Pass online, or if it is stored in the Royal Caribbean App on your smart phone, then you will have a specific appointment for our arrival time, and you will "sail through" the registration process. If not, please arrive early, by 1:00 pm, in order to complete your registration at the dock on time.

Please arrive at the terminal within the "Wellness Check" arrival timeslot you selected during Royal App check-in. Those who arrive early will not be able to begin boarding, and those who arrive late will need to wait until we are able to work them into another group.

Due to government regulations requiring cruise lines to submit final departure manifests at least 60 minutes prior to sailing, guests are requested to complete Check-in no later than 3 days prior to their cruise. If you do not complete Check-in 3 days prior, you will be required to complete this process at the pier at least two hours prior to the published sailing time.

Please note: All guests must be checked-in and onboard the ship no later than 90 minutes prior to the published sailing time or you will not be permitted to sail.

If you choose to fly through Royal Caribbean's Air2Sea program, the flights available for booking will only those that will enable you to meet your cruise on time. For your return home, you have the ability to select the flight that best suits your schedule. Depending on your disembarkation time and port, the time needed to arrive at the airport will vary. For the "Contact at Sea" cruise, be sure to schedule your flight on September 6 to arrive no later than 12:30 pm, and your flight on September 13 to depart no sooner than 12:00 pm.

There will be a "Wellness Check" at the dock, and when you check in to the cruise online or on the Royal App prior to arriving at the port, you will be required to choose an appointment time. During your Wellness Check, you will answer a few questions about your health.

At the port you will need to present:

- Your SetSail Pass on your smart phone or printed out (if pre-registered online)
- Identification Documents (proof of citizenship) for each guest
- Credit Card to be used for your Onboard Expense Account




A valid passport is strongly recommended for cruise travel. If you are a US Citizen and have no passport, then in some instances you MIGHT BE allowed to board the ship as long as you bring both of the following two documents (names must match): both a government-issued ID, such as a driver's license, and also a certified birth certificate with an official stamp from the health department of the state when you were born. However, in case you get stuck abroad for any unforeseen reason, you might run into trouble getting back into the USA without a passport. Non US Citizens: It is your responsibility to obtain any visas needed for these two countries (if required): USA and Canada, and other documentation prior to sailing, including health mandates if required.


Check-in online in advance! It's easy. You will be notified via email when check-in is available. It is usually about three weeks before the sailing date.

Guests are requested to complete Online or Royal Caribbean App Check-In no later than 4 days prior to the cruise in order to expedite the port check-in process. When you check-in online, it saves time. You won't have to fill out forms at the port.

Once you have completed the check-in process, you will receive E-Docs and a SetSail Pass, which indicates you successfully completed your check-in process.

In order to complete Check-In successfully, you will need the following:

- Personal Information for each guest are checking in
- Identification Document information for each guest you are checking in
- Crown & Anchor Society Membership Number (if you are a member)
- Onward Travel Plans
- Onboard Expense Account Information (i.e credit card and the reservation information that is authorized to charge against the account)

During check-in, you will establish an Onboard Expense Account via either credit card or cash. An Onboard Expense Account, also known as your Seapass® onboard account, is the cashless system used for all onboard purchases and services (such as alcoholic beverages, WiFi, spa treatments, specialty dining, sky-diving simulator, casino, boutique purchases, etc. The account may be set-up with either a credit card or as a cash account.

You may establish a master account and add guests from your stateroom or another stateroom as authorized purchasers on your account. For each purchase made onboard the ship, you will receive a receipt at the point of sale. A final statement will be delivered to your stateroom on the final morning of your cruise vacation for your review. Guests that set up a Seapass account with a credit card should verify the statement. If all purchases are correct, they will automatically be billed to the credit card. Guests on a cash account will need to settle their statement onboard prior to disembarking. The ship will provide you with specific details.

After your check-in is completed, you will then be able to print your E-Docs (or keep them on the Royal Caribbean App on your smart phone), print your travel summary and SetSail pass, and print out luggage tags (in order for your bags to be delivered to your room when you give them to the porters at the cruise terminal in Seattle). Your travel summary, boarding pass, and luggage tags will also be stored in the dashboard of your "My Cruises" account online.

Everything you need to hop onboard can be printed or stored on your phone, with the exception of your luggage tags.

Pre-cruise Check-in is available until 4 days prior to sailing. Check-in before that date so you can start your cruise vacation as soon as you show up at the port. Happy sailing!


All of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line ships operate on a "cashless" system, meaning your boarding card (known as your SeaPass card), will be used as a charge card to make all onboard purchases. To activate this SeaPass account, most guests provide a credit card, (American Express, Optima, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Diner's Club), to have these purchases charged at the end of their cruise. Additionally, the SeaPass system may be activated with traveler's checks, debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo, or cash.

A running tab of all your purchases will be kept under separate folio numbers for each guest and an itemized statement left in your stateroom the night before disembarkation. If you provided a credit card and there are no discrepancies, the amount will be charged to your account on the morning of disembarkation. If you have used traveler's checks or cash to activate the account, you will need to settle the account at the Guest Relations desk, (to either receive a reimbursement of the unused amount, or to pay the balance due).

As a "Contact at Sea" 2023 Seminar-at-Sea attendee, your service charges (tips) to your steward, waiters, and all other onboard staff were ALREADY PREPAID when you registered for the event.

Seminar-at-Sea Speakers Inspirational Products:
On our "Contact at Sea" 2023 Seminar-at-Sea, our speakers will bring books, CDs, DVDs, and other products. They will also offer private sessions. They will be selling their wares in our Conference Center on the ship. Also, the Seminar-at-Sea will be video-recorded, and those DVDs will be available. Those special items can be purchased with cash or a credit card and will not go through the SeaPass account system.
If you get short on cash, all ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet have ATM machines. There is a transaction fee levied by BB&T, the owners of the ATMs, plus any other fees your financial institution would charge.


Royal Caribbean Cruise Line uses a computerized system for tracking all persons, both guests and crew, who enter and exit the ship. Upon arrival at the ship, each guest is issued a boarding card (SeaPass) which they must swipe to be officially logged on to the ship. The system imbeds a full color, digital photograph together with personal database information on their SeaPass. With a card swipe, a computer displays a corresponding photo with database information and merges time and date tracking information upon entry or exit.

Your Seapass Card will serve as your boarding card. This card identifies you as a Royal Caribbean guest and must be carried with you along with picture identification when you go ashore. Because the ship is closed to the public while docked at the various ports-of-call, you must show your Seapass Card and picture I.D. to the officer on duty in order to return on board.

If you have trouble keeping track of that SeaPass card, either ask one of our staff, or stop by the Guest Relations Desk and get a hole punched in the card to slip through the security ring that attaches to your lanyard.



Make sure you keep one bag that you hand-carry onto the ship. Upon arrival at the dock, your luggage will be taken onto the ship by porters and delivered to your stateroom, and you will not see it again for several hours. You might not see that luggage until late that night. Therefore, pack a carry-on that you can wheel onto the ship with all you need for the day, including your travel documents, change of clothing, swim suit, workout clothes, cosmetics, medicines, book to read, and/or anything else you might want.

As soon as you get onboard, go straight to your stateroom and, if it is ready, get settled. There you'll find the Royal Caribbean Today newsletter with schedules for all the onboard activities. If you're traveling with family, check the Royal Caribbean Today for the times of any welcome-aboard shows, ship tours, fitness and spa tours, and so forth. If spa or fitness classes are your thing, make your appointments on the first day, as the most popular treatments and times fill up fast.

The Windjammer Café buffet dining room on Deck 14 Aft will be available for lunch.


Royal Caribbean has replaced the traditional safety drill at the beginning of your cruise voyage with new technology to help you stay informed without leaving your stateroom. The mandatory safety drill used to gather every guest on the cruise together for a review of what to expect in an emergency situation, how to use a life jacket, and much more. Now, let Muster 2.0 ™ show you the drill on your mobile device or interactive stateroom TV thanks to innovative eMuster™ technology. You’ll be able to review safety protocol prior to sailing, so you can spend every precious moment of your vacation in the moment.


Contact at Sea SEMINAR-AT-SEA

Anytime between 1:30 pm and 3:00 pm, go to Deck 13 Aft, Port Side, The Conference Center, to check in for the "Contact at Sea" 2023 Seminar-at-Sea, as follows:

Check-In for "Contact at Sea" 2023 Seminar-at-Sea:
ALL attendees of the Seminar-at-Sea (including speakers, staff, and vendors) are required to check-in for the "Contact at Sea" 2023 Seminar-at-Sea on Deck 13 Aft in The Conference Center, from 1:30 pm to approximately 3:00 pm. At check-in, you will receive your cruise and seminar guide and your unique seminar entrance identifier so you can get into our seminars. Security on the seminar will be strict, and you will not be allowed into any events without your unique identification. Also, if you are attending any of our special Seminar-at-Sea Shore Excursions or Special Events, you will receive your tickets at this mandatory check-in.

MANDATORY First Meeting, Orientation and Logistics:
The first meeting of our "Contact at Sea" Seminar-at-sea will take place in the Conference Center, Deck 13 Aft, at 4:00 pm that first afternoon. Our first meeting will include an introduction to all our speakers. See the entire TENTATIVE schedule at
www.divinetravels.com/Contact2024Schedule.html .

Contact at Sea Cruise Dinner:
Dinner will begin at 6:00 pm in the main dining room. Our group will have a designated place to dine together nightly for dinner. Make new friends at dinner, or dine with your favorite speakers!
Please note that you can eat anywhere you want within that general designated seating area. Even though your "Seapass Card" will have a table-number printed on it, your table is NOT really assigned, so please move around and meet new people for each meal. Please arrive on time in order to get a spot. Otherwise empty tables might be relinquished to general seating.

Of course, you are not required to eat with our group, or in our dining room. There are many places to eat anytime on the ship, including a giant buffet and FREE room service. See details of dining choices on the ship: www.divinetravels.com/Royal CaribbeanSolstice.html

Group Photo

At 5:45 pm on September 6, 2024, at the end of our first meeting, we will meet for a Group Photo.



Port of Seattle pier can be reached by taxi from hotels, airports, bus terminals, and railroad stations. Please identify your own baggage and ensure the luggage is on the transport carrier.

Flight Guidelines:
Due to the uncertainties of air travel, we highly recommend that you arrive in Seattle for your cruise the night before, on September 5, 2024, and stay at one of the hotels that our travel partner Diane has arranged for our group. To make your travel easier and stress-free, we are making reservations for hotel rooms in Seattle at the best rate, including transfer to the Cruise Port. To make a reservation, contact Diane at Luxury Travel Destinations Travel: 336-749-1219.

Estimated time to travel by taxi from Seattle airport to cruise port: 30 to 45 minutes.

If you decide to fly to Seattle the same day as the cruise departs, on September 6, 2024, we recommend your latest airport arrivals and earliest return flights as follows:

Latest Flight Arrivals on September 6, 2023:
Arrivals into the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport: 12:30 pm

Earliest Flight Departures on September 13, 2023:
Earliest departures out of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport: 12:00 noon

Royal Caribbean offers an easy way to get to and from your ship. Their enhanced "Air2Sea" program features guaranteed lowest airfares, the flexibility to choose flights and to earn points/miles with your favorite airline, and peace of mind in knowing you'll get to your ship with round-the-clock support throughout your vacation.

Arrangements made though the Air2Sea Department include round-trip air transportation to and from the port of departure and arrival, an airport greeting by a Royal Caribbean representative, and ground transportation between the airport and the Cruise post.

Royal Caribbean guarantees the lowest airfare. If you find a lower base fare within 24 hours of booking, they will credit you 110% of the difference to spend onboard your cruise. You have the flexibility to search different airlines and flights, so it's easy to find exactly what you want. And they filter out flights that won't work with your cruise itinerary.

If you book through Air2Sea, and if any delays or cancellations jeopardize your plans, they work quickly with the airline to get you on the next available flight for your cruise. The Air2Sea team is available 24/7 to assist you if your flight is delayed or if you encounter any other difficulties: 800-256-6649 or 305-539-4107.

Air2Sea arrangements allow you to choose a preferred airline, specific times and/or premium-class seats. They can ensure that your entire party will travel together; they can arrange for flights a few days before or after the cruise or for you to leave from a gateway not offered by their typical air arrangement service.

The Air2Sea fee is waived once per reservation for Platinum, Emerald, Diamond and Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club Crown and Anchor Society Members.

Air2Sea Specialists are available 24/7 to ensure that your air travel is carefree. They'll do whatever they can to assist. To book your Air2Sea flight and transfer, contact Diane at Luxury Travel Destinations Travel: 336-749-1219 after you have made a reservation for the Cruise.

Our travel partner Diane will secure hotel reservations for the "Contact at Sea" 2023 Cruise Group at special rates. If you wish, we will make reservations on your behalf and send you a confirmation number. Hotel reservations will be guaranteed to your credit card, and room rate plus tax will be payable to the hotel at check-out. To book, contact Diane at Luxury Travel Destinations Travel: 336-749-1219.

Airport Parking:
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines guests are invited to enjoy discounted off-airport parking rates throughout the Park N Fly Network offering service from over 65 airports nationwide. CLICK HERE to book via authorized site to obtain discount parking. Please be sure to read terms and conditions in the Park' N Fly site.

Royal Caribbean's Emergency Number:
If you are experiencing an emergency or a travel delay en route to the ship the day of sailing, or returning home after your voyage, call the emergency number at 800-256-6649 or +1 305-539-4107. Representatives are on call 24/7 to assist you with any question or travel emergency.

If You Missed the Boat!
Air travel schedules can be affected by a number of factors. If your flight arrives at your ship's home port after the ship's scheduled sailing time due to weather or mechanical problems, contact Royal Caribbean's emergency number at (800) 256-6649 and/or a supervisor at the airline's ticket counter for assistance in securing hotel accommodations and flight arrangements to your ship's next destination.

In case you miss the departure of your ship due to carrier-caused delays or other covered reasons, please make sure you have enough travel insurance to cover additional accommodations, meals and "catch-up" transportation expenses. You are responsible for any expense incurred to meet the ship at its next port of call.

For this reason, we highly recommend that you arrive a day prior to sailing and stay in a hotel the night before, to avoid any possible delays. We offer pre-cruise hotel reservations in Seattle. Plus we offer travel insurance. Contact Diane at Luxury Travel Destinations Travel: 336-749-1219.



Proper travel documentation is required at embarkation and throughout the cruise. Even though you have completed registration online, it is still your responsibility to bring all required travel documents. Check with your travel agent and/or government authority to determine the travel documents necessary for each port of call. Anyone without proper documents will not be allowed to board the vessel and no refund of the cruise fare will be issued. Royal Caribbean assumes no responsibility for advising guests of proper travel documentation.

Check the following web page for more information: https://www.Royal Caribbeancruises.com/company/customer-support/help-and-faqs/pre-cruise/travel-documents

U.S. Citizens:
Royal Caribbean highly recommends all guests travel with a passport (valid for at least six months beyond completion of travel). Although a passport is not required for U.S. citizens taking cruises that begin and end in the same U.S. port, traveling with a passport enhances your disembarkation experience, as delays may be expected upon your return to the U.S. if you do not have one. Additionally, passports make it possible for you to fly from the U.S. to a foreign port should you miss your scheduled port of embarkation, or need to fly back to the U.S. for emergency reasons.

If you need to obtain a passport quickly, Royal Caribbean recommends that you contact http://visacentral.com or by phone: 1-877-535-0688. Callers should mention that they are sailing on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line for possible discounted service fees.

When traveling with a minor and both parents/legal guardians are not cruising, we strongly recommend bringing an original, signed, notarized letter from the absent parent/legal guardian authorizing the minor to travel with you. This will expedite processing by the Department of Homeland Security.

Air Travel:
Passports are required for air travel to or from Canada, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, the Bahamas and Bermuda. This will impact all Canadian guests that travel by air to or from any of our U.S. embarkation ports. This will also enable guests to fly from the U.S. to meet their ship at the first port should they miss their scheduled embarkation and allow guests that must debark the ship before their cruise ends to fly back to the U.S without significant delays and complications.

Guest names on travel documents (passport, Alien Resident Card, birth certificate, etc.) must be identical to those on the cruise and airline tickets. Otherwise, proof of name change (e.g., a marriage license) or a valid driver's license (or other government-issued photo ID) must be presented.


On the first day:
For the first day of your cruise, pack a small carry-on bag with your travel documents, a change of clothes, bathing suit, workout clothes, and any medications you may need. That way you don't have to wait for your checked bags to arrive in your stateroom.

Suggested Packing List:
yoga mat, rain poncho, rain footwear, warm clothing for viewing the glaciers in the mornings from the outside deck, nice clothes for dinner, dressy or formal clothes (optional) for dinner on two formal night on 7-day cruise, long pants and tops, sweatshirt and sweatpants, warm jacket or windbreaker, shorts, t-shirts, underwear, socks, sleeping-clothes, walking shoes, sandals or flip-flops, 2 bathing suits and cover-up, sunscreen, watch, alarm clock (or ask for wake-up call from ship Operator), cosmetics, toiletries, bar soap (optional), medications, sunglasses, eyeglasses or contacts, hat or visor, camera, laptop or notebook computer (Wi-Fi is available on the ship for a fee) with chargers, extra batteries, backpack or fanny pack for day excursions, binoculars, night-vision goggles for star-watch, post-it notes and pens (to leave notes on your door or for your cabin attendant), book to read, journal, notebook.

If you're planning to visit our onboard fitness center, be sure to bring extra shorts, t-shirts and socks that you won't mind working out in - plus a pair of tennis or running shoes/sneakers.

Dinner attire:
Meals in the main dining room follow this schedule:

For a 7-night cruise, 4 casual nights, 1 smart casual night, and 2 formal nights.

The number of smart casual and formal nights is at the ship's discretion.

We appreciate your usual parental guidance and cooperation in observing these easy guidelines with your children.

Suggested guidelines for these nights are:
- Casual: Sport shirts and slacks for men, dresses or pants for women
- Smart Casual: Jackets and ties for men, dresses or pantsuits for women
- Formal: Suits and ties or tuxedos for men, cocktail dresses or formals for women

The ship offers tuxedo rentals for formal dinners and special occasions.


Save space:
Be sure to leave some room in your luggage for all those souvenirs and mementos. Some space-saving ideas include:
- Bring shirts and pants/skirts that mix and match, turning three outfits into five or six.
- Wear your heaviest shoes during embarkation and disembarkation so you don't have to pack them.
- Pack small items inside larger ones for efficiency.
- Bring an additional empty bag for those acquired extras.

Dining attire:
Shorts, T-shirts, and bathing suits are not considered appropriate attire in the dining rooms at dinner. Casual dress dining is available nightly in the Windjammer Café. And be aware you'll also need smart casual attire for some of our specialty restaurants.

Onshore attire:
You'll need comfortable walking shoes, as well as a hat or umbrella and sunscreen for protection from the sun. As rain is to be expected, you are advised to bring a poncho, raincoat, or travel umbrella.
If you'll be touring any museums, cathedrals or churches, it's always wise to dress conservatively.

What Not To Bring:
Weapons, illegal drugs, and other items that could interfere with the safe operation of the ship or the safe and secure environment of our guests and crew are prohibited. Do not pack fragile or expensive items (such as jewelry) in checked luggage.

The following are examples of items that guests are not allowed to bring onboard. These and other similar items will be confiscated. Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, flammable liquids, explosives, and dangerous chemicals will not be returned.

- Firearms & Ammunition, including realistic replicas.
- Sharp Objects, including knives and scissors. Personal grooming items such as safety razors are allowed. Scissors with blade length less than 4 inches are allowed.
- Illegal Drugs & Substances
- Candles & Incense
- Coffee Makers, Clothes Irons, & Hot Plates
- Baseball Bats, Hockey Sticks, Cricket Bats, Bows & Arrows
- Skateboards & Surfboards
- Martial Arts Gear
- Self-Defense Gear, including handcuffs, pepper spray, night sticks.
- Flammable Liquids and Explosives, including lighter fluid and fireworks.
- HAM Radios
- Dangerous Chemicals, including bleach and paint.
- Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages. Alcoholic beverages that are purchased in ports-of-call or from shops onboard will be stored by the ship and delivered to you on the last day of the sailing. Alcoholic beverages seized on embarkation day will not be returned.

Luggage Allowance:
Each guest is permitted to carry a reasonable amount of personal property (including luggage) aboard the vessel; however, for your comfort and convenience, it is recommended that you limit the number of pieces you take. Keep in mind that airlines may charge for excess or oversize luggage. Charges incurred for excess or oversize baggage are the sole responsibility of the passenger. Each airline has a different limit on the amount of luggage they allow. Check with your air carrier for specific restrictions, such as allowance of pounds and any additional charges.

Luggage Tags:
When you print out your E-Docs from the Royal Caribbean website, luggage tags will be included on one of the pages. Fold and staple or tape those tags around your luggage handles just before you arrive at the ship so your luggage will arrive safely in your stateroom. It's a good idea to print out extra luggage tags, in case you or another person in your party loses theirs.


Debarkation Tags:
While on board, you will be given numbered debarkation tags to place on your luggage. Please fill out the information on the back of the tag and remember your zone number. When your zone is called, please proceed off the vessel to claim your luggage. It is easy to pick up the wrong bag, so check to make sure your name is on it. If your luggage is left at the pier, it will be forwarded to you at your expense. Claims for lost or damaged luggage must be made in writing with our debarkation personnel before you leave the pier area.

Special Luggage Valet Program:
Port Valet is a service offered to help make your return travels as carefree as your cruise. The last evening onboard, you can receive your airline boarding passes, luggage tags and baggage claim checks. The last evening onboard, simply place your checked bags outside your door. Royal Caribbean will take care of the rest. From the ship, to your final destination airport - your luggage will be taken care of. And you won't wait in line at the airport for your boarding passes, because you'll already have them. Hassle-free travel. Designed for You.

This service is available in select ports and with select airlines only: Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Miami, Port Canaveral, San Diego, San Juan, Seattle, Seward and Vancouver.

Air Canada, Air Tran, Alaska Airlines, American, Continental, Delta, Jet Blue, Southwest Airlines, United and US Airways. Airline participation varies by port. Consult the Guest Relations Desk onboard for specific port qualifications and additional information. An additional fee will apply.

You can sign up for Port Valet here: www.maketraveleasier.com/PortValet


Diane at Luxury Travel Destinations
Email Diane at: